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TTC fare increase puts pressure on student wallets

Beatriz Balderrama Baleeiro, New Reporter Torontonians don’t seem to be looking forward to spring so much anymore. Since March 1, public transit users have started to feel their wallet a bit lighter after the TTC’s 10-cent fare increase. The Toronto Transit Commission website says that the adult cash fare continues the same at $3.25, the adult PRESTO fare increased to… More
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‘Crazy Marxists’ beat Ford government in SCI ruling

Galvin Zaldivar, News Editor The Divisional Court of the Superior Court of Justice quashed the Conservative government’s Student Choice Initiative (SCI) last night. The SCI was originally announced by the Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s government in January and implemented for the 2019-2020 academic year. It was accompanied by an overhaul of OSAP eligibility and the elimination of free tuition grants… More
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LGBTQ+ Gamers aim to change the gaming landscape

Amy Chen Arts Reporter Right at the Church and Wellesley Streets intersection, across from the delicious brew of DavidsTEA and nestled between food fit for heroes and a bar that adores Absolut Vodka, is the Glad Day Bookshop. Every other week, a group of geeks and gamers of all stripes gather at the bookstore as if it’s their hearth and… More
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OPINION: Toronto hip hop represented everywhere but Toronto radio

Elvin George News Editor On Tuesday, the Grammys released their list of nominations with seven for Toronto hip-hop artists. This number is nothing compared to last year’s 16 nominations. Toronto talents have been emerging left and right since Drake’s rise in the industry. However, it appears local Toronto radio stations aren’t showing their appreciation for the current Toronto hip-hop music… More