Chartwells contract with Humber running out

by | Oct 7, 2014 | News

Natalia Vega
News Reporter

The contract between food vendor Chartwells and Humber College ends in 2015 when Humber must either renew the contract or find another food service provider.

Chartwells, a subsidiary of British-based Compass Group, has been serving Humber with food options since 1997. It provides food for students in places like the Food Emporium, Smoke’s Poutine, Java Jazz and in residence.

Humber Students’ Federation Executive Director Ercole Perrone said when the contract ends Humber will receive proposals from food vendors before deciding to renew with Chartwells or chose another provider.

“I think regardless of who is the vendor, it is always an uphill challenge when you have students that often eat here,” said Perrone. “I would just be wary of anyone, whether it be students, HSF or the college thinking that simply replacing Chartwells with another food service provider will fix everything (in terms of choice and costs).”

Electrical Engineering student Isaac Mendieros, 20, buys food at school about twice a day and said although some things are expensive there are other options that are affordable.

“The prices are okay for pizza, I know Mr. Sub is a little expensive,” he said. “They should definitely have some kind of deal, like a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday kind of thing.”

Computer engineering student Handel Matthews, 17, said everything is expensive at school in terms of food.

Matthews said he would suggest that the school have a McDonald’s or another restaurant that offers better prices. “You can never go wrong with paying for something for two dollars,” he said. “We’re students, we have to have a dollar menu somewhere.”

Director of Campus Services Paul Iskander said surveys are taken every year asking students in residence for their suggestions.

“We always listen to students, we always try to improve on what the students’ need and we’re very cautious of what’s going to affect the bottom line, what’s going to affect your pocket at the end of the day,” he said.

“It’s never one person’s decision. It’s always what’s best for Humber and its students,” Iskander said.
Chartwells was not available for comment on this story.