Chinese students find success at Humber

by | Feb 3, 2015 | Biz/Tech

By Alex Drobin

Shupeng William Wang learned how to do business in Canada the Humber way.

The Humber-China partnership continues to prepare graduates like Shupeng for business careers in their fields through specialized teaching techniques and business English prep classes.

Humber College joined with Ningbo University and Jimei University to create this unique, focused, international business program. During the first two years, students are taught in China by Humber instructors. The final year is taught at Humber College in Toronto, where students integrate into Canadian society with assistance from Humber faculty and staff.

“We have a special customized summer orientation session with them, where they’re doing four weeks in class. They’re taking business English classes, they’re learning about Toronto, learning about Humber, working on their writing skills, their speaking skills, their presentation skills, so really just getting them up to Western teaching styles,” said Michelle Krivacic, the international program manager.

Since the program’s inception in 1996, the Humber-China partnership has graduated more than 1000 students, many of whom have gone on to excel in their respective fields.

“These students are regional directors of HR, whose territory is China and Hong Kong, we had wine and art importers. One student did his degree here at Humber, then went to do his Masters and now he’s working for a large bank in Hong Kong, so it’s quite exciting to see what happens with the students after they leave,” said Krivacic.

This is Humber’s longest standing partnership. The end goal is to provide Chinese students with an opportunity to attain an international business degree, which ultimately allows them to have overseas experience when applying for jobs in China.

With English being such a dominant international language, students say they benefit a great deal from the various business classes taught throughout this program.

“My English wasn’t as good when I came here, but throughout the year, the classes helped with all of our professors teaching in English and I improved a lot,” said Shupeng, graduate of the program. Wang added that after being taught so many different business courses, he wants to start up his own company.

Faculty at the Humber Business School say they are always attempting to provide their students with anything they need to be successful in their schooling, and in turn, their career.

“They (teachers) are really good. If you have problems they are the first to help you,” says Rahat Sharma, first year Business Accounting student.