Class Acts premiere media student work at CBC building

by | Apr 17, 2014 | A&E

Adam Stroud
A&E Reporter

The best and brightest at Humber College School of Media Studies and Information Technology (SMSIT) are soon to get their moment in the sun.

Humber College is gearing up for Class Acts, the first ever showcase of the top work from the SMSIT.

Class Acts is the brainchild of the Dean of the SMSIT Guillermo Acosta and organized by students in the post-graduate public relations certificate program.

Chloë Hill, 23, co-chair and secretary of Class Acts, said the event is partly to increase the profile of the Humber brand.

“[Acosta] wants to position Humber as the number one multi-platform storytelling school of North America,” she said.

The showcase will take place on May 14 at the Barbara Frum Atrium and Glenn Gould Studio in the CBC building on Front Street. The location was chosen partly due to a partnership between Humber College and the CBC, said Hill.

This is the first event of its kind being attempted by the School of Media Studies and Information Technology. Katherine Broad, 22, head of marketing and promotions, said it’s never too late for Humber to try this sort of thing.

“It’s better now than never,” she said.

Program coordinators and a team of faculty members will choose all the work showcased at Class Acts. The work chosen will be based on merit and progression throughout the school year.

Mike Karapita, a program coordinator of Humber’s journalism program, said he hopes events like Class Acts can help bring attention to the quality of work being produced by Humber students and alumni.

“It’s a really terrific opportunity for all of us to share with each other and then with our industry partners…our alumni, and the general public all the amazing work that’s done inside the school of media studies,” he said.

Students in attendance at Class Acts may also get a chance to rub elbows with some members of the industry, but no guests have been confirmed yet.

“We don’t know exactly yet who will be attending but we’re reaching out to people,” said Broad.

Humber’s Class Acts is an invite only event. Only students whose work has been selected will be invited to attend. Selections of student work to be showcased have not yet been announced.