Clubs Fair struts stuff for 31 Humber campus groups

by | Oct 23, 2015 | News

Lindsay Newman
News Reporter

There was one for artists, another for film, another for good deeds and yet another for fitness buffs.

Humber club ambassadors filled the Student Centre at the North campus for the Humber Students’ Federation’s annual club fair on Thursday.

Humber students milled about to see all of the clubs North campus has to offer. Clubs there included the Good Deeds Club, the Sketching Club and the Film Screening Society, only to name a few.

There are a total of 18 clubs at North campus, a dozen more at Lakeshore campus and one at Orangeville campus.

The different clubs had posters, videos and treats to entice new members and draw the attention of other students.

“You’ve got to have that ‘Oh my god’, factor and plus the fair allows you talk to that experienced person,” said Madison Williams, 20, a film and TV production student and member of the film screening society.

Williams said the club fair gives a chance for the 31 clubs to promote things in person rather than promoting things online.

The fair offered a strong social environment for the students and they could see their interests and find a club to join based on what they liked.

D.B. Payuo, 21, a fashion arts student and member of the Sketching Club said the fair allows for a social environment for students to expand their skills and interests.

“It helps with our social skills and you can open up to a diverse range of activities and social events,” said Payuo.

HSF puts on many events throughout the school year and the Clubs Fair is only one of them.

Shun Naito, 20, a hospitality tourism event planning student and a member of the Good Deeds Club, said the Clubs Fair is a way of connecting with HSF and it allows students to connect with other clubs.

“Students are more engaged at the school because any time you come by the cafeteria there is always something ongoing and they want to know what’s going on,” said Naito.

The Club Fair is not just for students who are looking to join a club but also for students who also want to start a club.

Students can contact HSF for more information on creating a new club.