Comedian and podcaster Phoebe Robinson celebrates International Women’s Day

by | Mar 18, 2019 | Campus News, Life, North

Elesha Nicholls, News Reporter

Humber College celebrated International Women’s day by having an IGNITE Real talks event with comedian, and author, Phoebe Robinson. 
Robinson shared her thoughts on the state of feminism and how women are finally being regarded in their careers. 

The event was hosted by Jouelzy, an African-American social activist, who lead the discussion with Robinson about the importance of International Women’s Day, female empowerment and her personal experience in overcoming adversity. 

Phoebe Robinson (left) and Jouelzy (right) discuss International Women’s Day at Humber College.

Robinson is the co-founder of 2 Dope Queens, a podcast that she co-hosts with her best friend Jessica Williams. The two women noticed a lack of representation within the stand-up community that lacked women of colour and LGBTQ+ people. The podcast which has now been picked up by HBO as a special feature’s female comedians, comedians of color, and LGBT comedians, in an effort to represent people from different backgrounds. 

“I didn’t think that feminism was as inter-sexual as it should be,” Robinson said. “But after going to the women’s march I saw fathers bringing their sons and telling them ‘this is also your issue.’ 

“Feminism has a long way to go but I think we are making good strides,” she said.

With her long track record in the entertainment industry such as writing for MTV, Glamour and Vanity fair, Robinson said she always felt that she had to go above and beyond to be recognized.

Phoebe Robinson answers questions in the crowd at Humber College. (Elesha Nicholls)

“Understand you’re going to face adversity,” Robinson said. “You’re going to meet people who don’t want to give you the time of day due to sexism or racism.

“Use it as fuel to keep going,” she said. “Sometimes hearing no makes you think you’re not good enough. But for me I always learnt way more from rejection than I did when actually getting that role, or job offer.”

Robinson says she will continue to create safe spaces for women of colour and LGBTQ+ people to express themselves in forms of comedy on her show.