Cosmetic managers hit campus hallways

by | Dec 4, 2015 | Biz/Tech

Allyyssa Sousa-Kirpaul
la confiArts & Entertainment Reporter

Sabrina Toti applied a streak of dark brown across a woman’s brow. She followed that with a layer of concealer on the woman’s face. Toti’s subject in the end was brighter looking, her brow thicker.

Her work was part of a Humber Cosmetic Management project on Dec.3 that both highlighted the course and promoted top products made by the Canadian makeup company Nudestix.

Toti, 19, third semester cosmetic management student, said the event is to promote the new Nudestix products.

“We’re having an event for Nudestix today. There’s a whole bunch of different colours, lippies, mascaras and now a new brow line we’re carrying called the Brow Gal, so it’s a bunch of different brow colours ranging from light to dark,” she said. “They all come in a little box so it’s perfect for Christmas as stocking stuffers.”

Nudestix was created by a cosmetic engineer mother of two girls. The brand is for people who want to enhance their natural features with the “no makeup makeup look”.

Toti said the event she contributed to planning is helpful for both her program and the Spa Management program.

“I feel like this event can give some community and can really promote the brands that the spa carries because people don’t take the time to go and shop within their own school,” Toti said. “Buying from the spa is really helpful because it goes towards their program to help them buy equipment.”

Alessia D’Alessandro, 20, a third semester cosmetic management student said the event shows the hard work that goes into the program for students who want to go into enter the field.

“It brings a whole vision of what the spa brings and if there are new students who are interested in taking the program. The spa and cosmetics program are combined (so) it gives them a good view of what cosmetics is all about,” D’Alessandro said.

Shawnalee Osbourne, a first-year event planning student, stopped by because she wanted a new lipstick and wanted to see what the spa had to offer.

“I’m at the event to see what kind of lip colours they have and I’m really enjoying the event so far,” she said. “I’m liking a couple of colours and I’m thinking about purchasing one of them.”

Hannah Rose Mckie, 23, third semester cosmetic management student, said the project shows off the cosmetic management students in an interactive with the school at large.

Mckie said she likes this brand and has the whole collection.

“Personally I like to use the darker shades and use it to contour my face. I actually have the whole collection in my kit and I use it when I freelance on clients.”

Marisa Hannan, a professor in the cosmetic management program, said the students plan the whole event themselves as their final project.

“The students have to write a proposal and they hand it to me and they follow out the plan every Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. There’s two more events planned for the upcoming weeks,” she said.