Condom design contest with Toronto theme goes to Humber design student

by | Dec 9, 2016 | A&E

Daniela Gitto
Arts and Entertainment Reporter

It’s probably not something many notice in the heat of the moment, but a condom wrapper art contest won by a Humber student was designed to make people think about the importance of protected sex.
Advertising and graphic design student Andrea Por took top spot in the student division with a clever wrapper design that infused a safe sex message into one of Toronto’s most iconic images, the TTC bus transfer.
Toronto Public Health partnered with ONE Condoms, The&Partnership and Miami Ad School in July 2015 to give Torontonians a chance to design a featured wrapper for CondomTO.
The contest was split into two categories: the student division and open division. Submissions came from all over the GTA, but only one design could be grand prize winner and one runner up in each category.
“The creative process was a fun challenge to try and come up with a concept that was Toronto themed but still relevant to promoting safe sex,” Por said. “Since I’m commuting to school every day, the TTC was a predominant theme for me.”
Public Health spokesperson Barbara Macpherson said the goal for the contest was to promote the use of condoms while informing the public on the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies.
“I think the design is great, especially for Toronto, and I actually had a good laugh reading it,” Humber media communications student Alessandra Garro said.
The criteria were simple, designs had to be inspired by Toronto and represent the city in some identifiable way.
“The designs had to align with Toronto Public Health’s sexual health philosophy, by being sex positive and inclusive, and not communicate judgement, shame, or coercion,” Macpherson said.
A panel of eight judges consisting of art directors, graphic designers, and members of the City of Toronto analyzed and chose the top 10 finalists, whose designs were posted online for the public to vote on.
Por won for the student division and Seneca College graduate Diane Adams for the open division.
“It’s exciting to have won the contest and to have my design publicized,” Por said. “It’s also a bit nerve-wracking as I’m a shy person and prefer not to stand in the spotlight.”
The prize for her intricate design was a three-month internship with The&Partnership, a creative agency at King Street and Spadina Avenue.
“I would say the prize is a huge opportunity in itself and I can’t wait to work and learn with The&Partnership during my time there,” Por said.
She is in her final year at Humber and hopes to remain in the creative advertising industry as an art director working for an exciting and innovative agency.