Congestion near campus city’s responsibility, says Humber

by | Oct 14, 2016 | News

Tyson Lautenschlager

News Reporter

Anyone who’s ever tried to turn left at Highway 27 and Humber College Boulevard knows the agony of a five-minute commute turning into a 15-minute grind.

Traffic turning into the school’s North campus is normally congested. The sound of screeching tires, squealing brakes and loud honks are to be expected during peak hours as traffic often hits a gruelling halt.

Humber’s director of public safety and emergency management Rob Kilfoyle says the traffic gnarl, although a nuisance, isn’t a new problem for Humber College.

“The congestion at Highway 27 has been known for some time – it’s not a new phenomenon,” Kilfoyle said. “Largely, it’s because there’s only one way in and out of the campus, and that’s off of Humber College Boulevard.

“Those that are coming northbound – and I’m assuming it’s the northbound direction – there are certain times of the day, particularly early morning around 8 that it’s particularly tight there. That’s when the most people are trying to get onto campus.”

Kilfoyle said there isn’t much the school can do about the traffic other than suggesting students find parking at the Queens Plate parking lot. He did say there are things the City of Toronto could do to ease traffic.

“One of the things the city might be able to do is in the signalization that’s there,” Kilfoyle said. “We’ve mentioned it, but there’s some specific requirements that the city has in providing advanced greens, and all that kind of stuff. I would suggest that they take a hard look at it.”

Ramneet Kaur is a new student to Humber this year, and she finds traffic is congested everywhere around the school.

“It’s really congested in this area, primarily where the college is,” said Kaur, a first-year Fitness and Health Promotions student. “Where I come from, there’s really no traffic, and when there is traffic, it’s in control. Here, we have to wait for long stops. The bus usually comes late.”

Kaur isn’t the only student who deals with traffic. Aman Dhaliwal, a second-year Multimedia Design and Development student, said traffic is even busy taking the 511 bus from Brampton.

“Traffic towards Humberline (Drive), or even Finch (Avenue) towards Humberline, there’s a lot of traffic,” Dhaliwal said. “You could say around 10 (a.m.), or even the evening around 5, it’d be congested.”

Dhaliwal thinks Humber does a good job managing traffic, and said he doesn’t think there’s much more the school can do.

“That’s basically where trucks go from there,” he said. “There’s no way you could re-route that to go around. It would [add] extra time for the busses.”