Cookie-decorating event doles out fresh-baked holiday cheer

by | Dec 17, 2017 | Lakeshore, Life

Clement Goh
Skedline Reporter

Humber’s Lakeshore campus hosted a free cookie decorating event for students and visitors to launch this year’s holiday season. Taking place at the Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre, the event is part of a monthly drop-in craft night that encourages visitors to see the welcome centre, which opened last year.

For their last event of the year, organizers put guests into the holiday spirit with Christmas-themed gingerbread men. Decorations from sprinkles to icing were used by guests to craft colourful snacks.

Jennifer Bazar, the curator of the Interpretive Centre, says their hands-on approach to the event gives people a refreshing pause from daily activities.

“Crafts are just relaxing, so it’s a time to just calm down, and stop for a moment. We’re so busy,” Bazar said.
The organizers handed out cards with the recipe to visitors to bake their own at home.

“There’s this history of crafts on the campus with the Ministry of Mental Health hospital, some of the activities that patients would have been doing during their time as well so there’s a bit of a stretch from that angle,” Bazar said.

Visitors can also check out the Welcome Centre located at the Lakeshore Campus, which boasts a variety of services from a full study hall to a mental health centre for students during stressful times.