COVID-19 forces people to exercise indoors

by | Apr 2, 2020 | News

Jayvon Mitchum, Sports Reporter

Colleges, universities and fitness centres in Toronto were forced to close by the COVID-19 pandemic. People are unable to go out to city playgrounds, sports fields, gymnasium, basketball courts and other facilities following the shutdown of recreation areas by the city in its effort to contain the novel coronavirus.

In these trying times some fitness centres and gyms in Toronto started offering online classes including Humber College. 

Humber College Fitness started sharing online workouts daily with students and members on its social media channels. The workouts include Zumba, yoga classes and workouts that people can do with little or no equipment at all.

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Zumba instructor Monica Inacio now conducts the classes virtually using Facebook for people confined to their homes. Inacio also offers tips on how to boost immunity by making healthy food choices.
Zumba instructor Monica Inacio listing 15 foods reported to boost immunity on her Instagram page.

Students have also launched their own homemade workouts, consisting of push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups. Humber men’s varsity basketball player Shae Phillips finds different ways to stay active while indoors. 

“I have a workout set in my basement,” the rookie guard said. “Even before the quarantine, I always made sure I was ready for whatever.

“What I do is some push-ups, some crunches, a little of jumping jacks and some lifts. That’s what I do when I’m not on the court running drills with the team,” Phillips said.

Humber engineering student Romeo Osas-Joshua also exercises while practicing social distancing.

“I usually do more sit-ups and push-ups than I really need to be honest,” he said.

“I also go running but only around my area, just to get better at pace and to get some fresh air,” Osas-Joshua said.