COVID-19 forces Toronto Comicon to cancel this year

by | Mar 30, 2020 | News

Jacob Phillips, News Reporter

The Metro Toronto Convention Centre scheduled to hold the 2020 Toronto Comicon in March had its doors shut because of COVID-19. And that shut down one of Toronto’s largest entertainment events.

The difficult decision to cancel the event was made to avoid gatherings of more than 50 people as recommended by Health Canada.

The Toronto Comicon team announced a full refund to attendees (excluding service fees) and a full refund to exhibitors with additional options to defer tickets and booths to Toronto Comicon 2021.

Comicon allows independent creators to display and promote their work and to sell their creations to the public.  

These creations could range from comic book art and cards, figurines, outfits, books, video games, trinkets, and weaponry to other collectibles.

Without the Comicon, Sam Noir and his artistic team are trying to figure out how to get their product to their fans.

Noir is a part of a commercial co-operative publishing venture between contributing artists, writers, editors and publishers based on a Supernatural Comics Anthology called the CAULDRON.

The third issue of the CAULDRON was set to debut at Comicon but couldn’t reach the fans that supported the collective through a Kickstarter campaign because of the cancellation.

Shipping companies limited their services so the international audience is unable to receive the comic until later which makes things worse for Noir and his team.

“We are even nervous about being around each other, so gathering together as a group to prepare and package our magazine for shipping is also proving to be a challenge given the social distancing mandate,” Noir said.

It worries Noir and his team that the backers that support the Kickstarter campaign may not even have the funds to support the magazine amid the pandemic.

Canada’s economy is expected to take a significant, possibly the worst since the Great Depression. Statistics Canada reported unemployment continues to rise because of the pandemic.

With the federal, provincial and the city governments repeatedly asking people to stay home to #PlankTheCurve, the next few weeks if not months will be rough for Comicon lovers.