‘Extreme’ corset diet panned by experts

by | Apr 17, 2014 | News

Karina Nowysz
Life Reporter

The use of corsets as a sliming technique may seem ancient but it’s making a comeback.

Celebrities like Jessica Alba have used the corset to lose weight. She revealed to E! News back in 2011 that she used the constricting garment to shed pregnancy pounds.

The extreme dieting trend sees women constricting their ribs for six hours a day to shrink their waistline.

According to thecorsetdiet.com, by wearing these specially designed corsets women have lost inches off their waists and stomachs by cutting down on their meal portions, giving them a beautiful hourglass shapes.

It promises that after a short period of time women will see changes.

“They are absolutely right, it’s about portions,” said Maria Pelliccia, a registered dietitian and professor at Humber. “It works because it’s ultimately about calorie reduction.”

But the corset diet is just another fad, said Pelliccia.

“Anything that promises a rapid change without the perquisite of healthy eating and physical activity over time is unbalanced and extreme,” said Pelliccia.

Jennifer Marotta, professor of the body, beauty, sex and consumerism at Humber, said “binding someone in a corset might make eating large meals unpleasant, but it would not have the same effect as lap-band surgery,” which is a technique that shrinks the stomach by placing a band around the top of a stomach to slow food consumption.

“It seems very misguided,” said Marotta.

According to the website, the corset diet has been approved by doctors and dietitians.

But there is no official endorsement from these doctors or dietitians on the website.

“I don’t know one reputable dietitian who would ever approve of something like this,” said Abby Langer, a registered dietitian.

Langer doesn’t have a single client who’s on the corset diet or knows one who would want to do it.

In a society where we don’t have time to prepare meals and we don’t have time to exercise, we tend to pack on pounds and then we need these extreme quick fixes, said Pelliccia.

“We live in an instant gravitation society and like things right away.” said Pelliccia. We resort to extremes, she said.

Although the results are reportedly fast, this diet it may not be the best way.

“It’s not really fixing the problem,” said Pelliccia. “You can’t live in a corset.”

It’s about sustainability, she said. Learning how to live healthy and eat healthy over a lifetime contributes to a balanced diet, which will sustain in life.

“The corset diet is not sustainable,” said Pelliccia.