Dating app Hinge calls self ‘classy’ alternative

by | Mar 13, 2015 | Life

Sarah Trumbley
Life Reporter

The digital world is eswiping in the right direction to Hinge, a dating app recently launched in Canada.

Downloadable dating apps have taken over and introduced the idea of swiping right to accept someone and swiping left to decline.

And now it’s Hinge’s turn to take the spotlight.

Toronto based matchmaker and dating coach Shannon Tebb said the slogan of the app launched in Toronto on Feb. 26 is “the classier version of Tinder.”

Justin McLeod, CEO of Hinge, dubs it as that because it links to users’ Facebook profiles matching people through mutual friends.

“What I like about it is that it interfaces with Facebook so you can see who your mutual friends are,” said Toronto based online dating and matchmaking expert Carmelia Ray.

And if users want they can email that mutual friend and ask questions about the potential match, she said.

Because the app is linked to Facebook accounts, Tebb said it acts as a good screening tool.

“I think with Hinge you have a better idea of who these people are, which I like and I think that’s what makes it classy,” she said.

Tebb said she recommends the younger crowd try transitioning to Hinge.

Ray said people use Hinge as a real matchmaking or relationship app and the qualities of people on the app from what she has seen are more mature.

“I think it’s definitely warmer and more social, it’s clearly not a hook-up app, it’s more for relationship minded people,” said Ray.

Second year Media student at Ryerson University, Emily Betteridge, 21, said she likes Hinge’s approach because it makes online dating through an app seem more natural. She said she looks forward to giving it a try.

“But what I’m not looking forward to is creating a profile, I don’t really know what to put on it and what not to,” she said.

Ray said when it comes to online dating it’s all about the profile.

“Definitely no selfies, I think the most important thing is a great picture so no selfie photos, no guys with their phones in the mirror taking pictures,” said Tebb. A profile photo should capture the person’s interests and passions, she added.

Ray said the username is also really important. But she said the good thing about Hinge is because it links to Facebook, it uses the real name versus a nickname.

Ray said people should describe themselves as an experience or in a story-telling fashion.

“Don’t provide disinterests. You really want to keep your profile as positive as possible to reflect as much as you are without throwing up all over it,” she said.

Keeping it light and fun is important as opposed to listing a bunch of expectations, said Tebb.

Ray said Hinge was extremely successful in New York so there is no reason why it wouldn’t be successful in its new home of Toronto.

“I would recommend it,” she said.

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