Despite first team loss, coaches prep for playoffs

by | Oct 21, 2016 | Sports, Varsity

Elliott Williams

Sports Reporter

The Humber Hawks women’s soccer team exceeded all expectations for their season this year.

The squad finished with seven wins, two draws, and one loss this season, surpassing last year’s regular season record of seven wins, one draw and two losses.

“In terms of results, in terms of their attitude, in terms of their level of play (which) is very high, it’s very good, and we’re happy with that,” co-head coach Mauro Ongaro said.

Co-captain Rachel Spratt, agreed, saying the team surprised people with their play.

“I think we performed a lot better than everyone was expecting of us,” Spratt said. “We’re a very young team, we had a lot of rookies coming in. I think we only had five returning players, 17 rookies, so I think that alone, (for a) brand new team we did awesome all things considering.”

After suffering their first loss of the season, co-head coach Vince Pileggi said they knew the year was going to be a process.

“I think beginning of the year we knew that we had 17 first year players, nine of the 11 starters are rookies so we knew it was going to be a process and when you play in a very difficult central division,” Pilleggi said. “Every game is very difficult and tonight (Oct. 18) Seneca was able to capitalize on one great chance, and they were able to win the game.”

With the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) Women’s Soccer Playoffs starting later this month, Spratt said the biggest thing the team needs to do is practice.

“I think just practicing, getting some good practices in, working together, working on finishing, that’s big,” Spratt said. “We’re not going to win anything if we don’t score. Other than that just coming together, picking each other up, and encouraging each other to do well.”

Pileggi said the most important thing is making sure the team is fully prepared before the playoffs.

“I think we have been playing extremely well all year,” Pileggi said. “At this point it’s about making sure that girls are healthy, that girls are well rested, and that girls are ready to compete when the playoffs start.”

Ongaro said after the team’s first loss of the season, to prepare for the playoffs, the team just needs to keep doing what’s allowed the team to be successful this year.

“We do the same thing we’ve been doing, they’re young, they’re energetic,” Ongaro said. “We’re gonna be a little upset right now, but I think once we see how we play when we watch the video, we played really well today I thought.”