Dividers wanted at men’s urinals on campus as some students cite privacy, space concerns concerns

by | Apr 21, 2017 | Campus News, News

Keith Tiu

News Reporter

In men’s bathrooms, it’s okay to separate the men from the men.

Some Humber College students at North campus say they feel male washrooms need dividers between urinals because, well, privacy.

“Every men’s bathroom should have dividers between urinals for privacy reasons” Darnell Thibault, a Humber first year engineering student said.

He said the privacy would offer him some comfort knowing there’s isn’t the possibility of being looked at.

“More privacy is always better than less,” Thibault said. “I would feel more comfortable using the washroom knowing someone is not watching me.”

A Univeristy of Guelph-Humber student who uses Humber North campus washrooms said urinals should require dividers due to the compact space between male urinals.

“Dividers are pretty key,” Dazhiell Belford, a third year Media Studies student, said. “The urinals are pretty close to each other so dividers would give people space when they’re using the urinals.”

“When someone’s using the urinal, I see people go to the toilet instead of the second urinal,” Belford said.

Another student said the dividers should stretch from the floor up.

“I don’t think there is enough privacy,” said Justin Bortolin, who is a Humber first year Pharmacy Technician student.

He said there’s personal discomfort  using urinals because some people ”can’t keep their eyes on what they’re doing.” The maintenance and operations faculty are listening to the complaints.

“As we work on new projects and renovations we will take into consideration the feedback (regarding) partitions between the urinals in the men’s washrooms,” John Schroder, the Humber manager of maintenance and operations, said.

But he said the top priority at the moment is to make the washrooms accessible to everyone.