Dragon ignites ambition at lecture for women in business

by | Apr 4, 2014 | Life

Kendra Hamilton

Life Reporter


A dragon was on campus last Wednesday stoking the fires of female ambition.

Dianne Buckner, from the reality television series Dragons’ Den, visited Humber College North campus for a Women in Business event organized by the Humber Student Federation.

It’s all about motivating women about their careers, professional opportunities and making a contribution in the business world, said Buckner.

“All people can struggle in their careers especially in trying to be an entrepreneur,” she said.

“But I personally like to reach out to women because…(they) are not as brash or bold or jumping up for opportunities,” she said. “So, I like to encourage women to ‘try it, do it, you might be great.’”

Around 50 students showed up to hear the words right from the dragon’s mouth.

“It was nice to hear from someone who is such a seasoned veteran, ” said Candace Pellew, Vice President of Student Affairs for Lakeshore campus.

“You learn a lot of hands on skills in school but you don’t really get to apply them, which leads to a lot of confusion and people get so overwhelmed they don’t know what the best tactics are to get a job,” said Laura Goldhaber, the HSF representative who organized the event.

“So I think it’s really important to hear from someone who has been so successful and also can give people motivation and something they can relate to,” she said

Buckner made the theme for her talk Seven Things No One Tells Women about the World of Business.

Buckner tore into the negative reputation of business as being wrought with fraud, job shortages, long-hours and unpaid internships, and presented it as an energetic and lucrative career for women.

Buckner acknowledged however that business is still a “man’s world” and offered tips on how women can assert themselves and make a contribution.

One of the most sobering facts Buckner pointed out was that the wage gap between men and women has increased since 1990, said Arrecelee Archer, a first year media communications student who attended the event.

“It made me want to go into the world and start my own business so I can determine my own wage,” she said.

Many students left the event feeling uplifted and encouraged.

“I’ve always wanted to go into the field of business but I was reluctant and I had a defeatist mindset,” said Pellew. “But after hearing these seven points that Diane talked about they were very, very good and realistic and it really helped to change my perspective on my potential future.”