Earth Day games seek to teach

by | Apr 8, 2015 | Life

Sarah Trumbley
Life Reporter

Humber students learned about sustainability with the Humber Students’ Federation this past week at the North and Lakeshore Campuses.

HSF president-elect and current Vice President of Student Life at North campus, Ahmed Tahir said the student government’s Earth Day was organized to make people aware.

The Humber Sustainability Department hosted a number of events during Earth Week and HSF took one day to hold its own event to engage students in sustainability, said Odin von Doom, Vice President of Student Affairs at HSF Lakeshore.

Students were invited to participate in activities including a recycling sorting game, a water taste challenge, a waste basketball game, and a graffiti wall, said von Doom. Students were also offered free lunch bags and hot chocolate.

“The idea of all of these kind of mini game stations is to train people about sustainability and how to be sustainable,” he said.

Tahir said they tried to make it an interactive experience for the students instead of just throwing information at them.

“We’re just trying to engage students in a way that we think works,” he said.

Tahir said if HSF could teach some students what to recycle, and get them to start recycling, it would help the school in turn.

There was also a farmers’ market last week offering all-natural and environmentally friendly products.

The farmers’ market offers a lot of different items that people can’t get anywhere else, said Tahir. He said their products are authentic.

Von Doom said the benefit of buying from a farmers’ market is products are purchased directly from the grower, instead of going through 10 middlemen.

“You have all kinds of fuel waste, transport waste, and packaging waste that has been eliminated,” he said.

One of the vendors set up at the farmers’ market, Saha International Cuisine, offered students free samples of the their international sauces and marinades.

Chef and co-founder of Saha, Rob Heidenreich said their products are made with all natural ingredients. They carry their products in 20 stores around Toronto and the GTA and can be purchased online.

Von Doom said a lot of people don’t realize how much they contribute to land fill, so HSF Earth Week actitivies encouraged students to look at the larger picture.

“We want to encourage every individual to play their part, to learn a little bit more, do a little bit better, and adopt a little bit more sustainable behaviours,” he said.

Humber also organized a scavenger hunt and a campus clean up throughout the week to promote Earth Week, said Von Doom.