Easy means to de-stress are important during finals

by | Nov 28, 2014 | News

Morgan Gallagher
Queen’s Park/City Hall Reporter

For first-year students who aren’t used to the pressure of a post-secondary education, the weight of final projects, essays and final exams can be exhausting, according to Humber College’s We Got You campaign workers.

Christina Deveau, a third-year bachelor of public relations student, makes videos talking about stress and anxiety. She says there are many triggers of student stress.

“Every time the end of semester and exam time comes, it seems to sneak up and overwhelm most people. Exams are daunting on their own, as most people don’t like taking tests. Then they have four or five in a span of a week and it scares people.”

Deveau said students should remember easy ways to deal with stress levels.

“If you have a lot of homework or studying to do, make sure you take lots of breaks. Have a stretch, a small snack, go for a little walk just to get out of the space you were in.”

At the Humber Spa, students are able to get an aromatherapy massage ranging from $20 to $40, and beauty services for as little as $7. On Dec, 3 and 4, HSF is offering free ‘De-stress’ days for students to “take the edge off” before final exams and the holiday season.

There is a sense of relief that can come with taking a break from assignments, even for a short amount of time.

Kaiya Robinson, a first-year cosmetic management student, finds taking breaks can be as simple as reading a book or “meditating for even 10 minutes a day to calm the nerves and give the brain a break,” said Robinson. “Let go of all forms of social media, it’s distracting.”

Jason Powell, dean of Health Sciences at Humber said, “making sure you have great time management is important. Getting a really good balance between sleeping well, eating a balanced diet and exercising is good to reduce stress levels.”

For those still struggling, there is outside help available through the college.

“Keeping healthy is very important, and we have a great counselling department that is readily availible,” said Powell.

Those looking to make an appointment with a counselor can do so at B112 on North and A120 on Lakeshore.