The fight against child abuse begins with education

by | Apr 1, 2019 | News, North

Kevaughn Wilson, Sports Reporter

Child abuse isn’t just about the bruises that are visible.

“Most people tend to believe abuse is mostly physical and tend to ignore emotional and mental abuse on children,” said second year Early Childhood Education student Rachel Choy at a North College campus event shedding light on the signs of child abuse.

The April 1 event held by the Early Childhood Education program at Humber College included posters created and placed in different sections around Concourse Hall. Each poster varied in different topics regarding child abuse.

Fight against child abuse poster made the by Early Childhood Education program at Humber College. (Kevaughn Wilson)

Three students were stationed at each poster display and took turns informing people.

Second year Early Childhood Education student Dana Fletcher said learning about the dangers of child abuse can help stop it.

“If we can educate more people on this topic, we can create a safer environment for children going into the future,” she said.

There was an Indigenous child care booth that specifically focused on the disadvantages indigenous children face in Canada.

A display focusing on child abuse in Indigenous communities. (Kevaughn Wilson)

Second year Early Childhood Education student Nicole Belfiglio said Indigenous children are facing serious issues that are not being talked about.

“Canada is ranked number one on the quality of life of countries in the world but only 25th on children’s well-being in the world,” she said.

“That is a problem,” Belfiglio said.