ECE students say Trudeau nannies a positive

by | Dec 11, 2015 | News

Aron Anthonymuttu
News Reporter

Taxes paid by citizens to the government are used to push Canada forward. Taxpayers money supports the Canadian health care system, public safety, the Canadian Revenue Agency as well as the military, to name a few.

But whether the caretakers for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s children qualify to be covered by the public purse appears debatable.

Trudeau and the Liberal government are being heavily criticized for authorizing two nannies of his three children as “special assistants at the prime minister’s residents.” The caretakers will be earning $15 to $20 per hour during the day and $11 to $15 for night shifts.

Jacqueline, is a second-year Early Childcare Education Program student at Humber who declined to give her surname, says she disagrees with the public’s criticism.

“We barely make just above minimum wage and we do so much for the children,” she said.

Simran Virdi, a second-year student in Humber’s Early Childcare Education program, agrees with Jacqueline’s sentiment. She believes it’s perfectly fine.

“People don’t believe in what we’re doing. They think we babysit all day, which really isn’t the case,” says Virdi, “We’re actually teaching them, a lot of work goes into this. It’s like starting school since they’re babies.”

But Trudeau may also have the law supporting him.

Section 7.1 of the Official Residence Act says the “Governor in Council may appoint a steward or housekeeper and such other employees as the Governor in Council deems necessary for the management of the Prime Minister’s residence, and may fix their rate of remuneration and conditions of employment.”

For some in the Early Childhood Education program, using public funding for the Prime Minister’s children is a step forward for the career path.

Neha Arora, a second-year student in the ECE program, says there aren’t a lot of jobs in this field that secured for the future.

Although Jacqueline agrees with Arora, she says people are starting to see this as a program and career path that should be taken as seriously as any other career choice.

The criticism hurled at Trudeau happened after he consistently attacked the Conservatives over the enhanced universal childcare benefit. He said wealthier families, such as his own and Harper’s, didn’t need the help of taxpayers dollars.

Trudeau addressed using tax dollars to pay for his two nannies at a news conference on Wednesday. He said he will still be using the same household budget as previous prime ministers but will “shuffle it around so it better fits” his family’s priorities.