EDITORIAL: 50 years in, the future is looking bright

by | Feb 19, 2018 | Campus News, Editorial

ETC Staff

Humber continues to grow youthful. Fifty years already and we just don’t think of slowing down. If we can light the CN Tower in blue and gold, there is little that will stop us from conquering the skies.

Humber is all pumped up for the future after the grand Golden Jubilee celebrations. And why not? As a learning institution, we have lots to look forward to.

This year it is projected that approximately 60,000 students will walk through the doors at Humber. What awaits them inside? One of the most diverse, highly-skilled and sustainable campuses in Canada.

Take a stroll through any building on campus, you will not meet more than two students in the same program.

Humber’s diversity also extends to student nationality.

We’re looking forward to the launch of the new robotics lab in the near future. Starting this spring, the currently under construction structure behind the bus terminal will transform into the Centre for Technology Innovation. It will be home to some of the coolest robots and software, adding more recognition to Humber’s fame.

North campus recently started using its refurbished recording studio as the home of Humber’s very own CKHC-FM 96.9 radio. Newly revamped after the realization the control board had reached the end of its life last year, the studio’s upgraded broadcast software has excited students.

These new state-of-the-art technologies available for students are likely to put us on top in the league of polytechnic colleges.

Infrastructure development is also spreading to the parking lots at North and Lakeshore campuses. Two brand new lots are sprouting up this year. Hopefully, it will provide an interim relief to the current situation.

Commuting for some of the 80,000 who use public transit to North campus will be easier once the Finch West Light Rapid Transit (LRT) line is opened in 2021. The LRT along Finch West will connect the North campus to the northwestern communities of Toronto, saving time for students coming from North York and to the recently constructed Finch West subway station.

Head to the Lakeshore Commons Field for the newly designed outdoor recreation space that will give performing arts a new boost. The quadrangle is set to hear the sounds of Humber’s talent rise above the waters of Lake Ontario and fill the air.

While we move forward in full gear, our roots have not been forgotten. The North and Lakeshore campuses will soon be home to classrooms designed on Indigenous themes, as a part of the Backfill Project, an addition to F Building, that will be completed by 2020.

Humber’s idea of renovation also means getting our roots firmer into the ground we occupy.

The number of developments is definitely putting Humber into the spotlight for the next couple of years. How will we handle it? Looking at the records our alumni set, like the glamorous star we always have been.