EDITORIAL: Ongoing faculty strike puts student journalists in complicated situation

by | Oct 24, 2017 | Editorial, Faculty Strike

ETC Staff

As journalists, we have been taught to follow the news and put our noses to the grindstone to produce timely stories. What has fallen on our plate as journalism students in the past week presents a moral issue larger and more complex than any we could have initially imagined.

When word of the strike came down to us, we decided to take the initiative to keep running our media outlets during the strike. This was a student’s idea and with the support of various members of the administration (not any striking faculty members) we were able to put our skills to the test, everything we’ve been taught over the past two and a half years.

But this means crossing the picket line, on a nearly daily basis. We truly support our teachers. It was their expertise, care and drive to produce good journalists that instilled us with the knowledge we have today, the confidence to get out into the world and cover large stories.

How can we stand in support of those teachers when answering our calls to duty as reporters brings us in direct contradiction with our support for them?

Continuing this newspaper is the result of our passions. Our actions solidify our path toward this vocation, but they also put us at odds with those teachers who are the very pillars of support that this publication rests on.
It has caused a bit of splintering among those who produce for this publication, some would rather stand directly with the teachers, and honestly some would rather not stand at all and just take time off.

Our small handful of journalism students believe that news does not stop and stories must be covered. There is no way to be objective here and we are doing what we think is best, which is for us to cover the strike as fully as we can.