EDITORIAL: Say thank you to Kyle Lowry and let him go home

by | Mar 5, 2021 | Editorial

People and things are in a constant state of change, and while it is uncomfortable, it is essential. If this year has taught us anything, it’s that we all must be ready to adapt to anything, no matter the circumstance.

We see this in every facet of life, whether it’s school, career, or relationships, sometimes it is important to recognize when a change is necessary, no matter how painful it may seem. But it does not have to be a negative thing; it could be an exciting new career or quitting a bad habit. The important thing to remember is it is a part of life — imagine doing the same thing over and over forever. It would be unbearable.

Toronto sports fans got a front-row seat to the necessity of change with news that Kyle Lowry, the second-longest tenured Toronto Raptor of all time, may want to return to his home city Philadelphia. The point guard, who is the franchise leader in assists and was integral to their 2019 championship win, recently sold his Toronto home for more than $5 million, and this along with the Raptor’s disappointing performance this season has caused many fans to panic.

This move would not be the first to earn ire from fans. The trade of DeMar DeRozan to the San Antonio Spurs for Kawhi Leonard was met with similar outrage, as DeRozan had been the face of the franchise for years. That, of course, changed when Leonard brought an NBA championship North and highlighted the importance of change in sports. And in life.

Fast forward a few months after the parade, news broke that Leonard was going home to Los Angeles to play with the Clippers. Fans were upset but in large part understanding, doing what he said he would do, because he wanted to go home. But Leonard had only been here for one season. Lowry, meanwhile, has played in Toronto since 2012. A generation of Raptors fans grew up watching him play. Letting that go is, to some, unthinkable.

But fans need to understand that this situation is a microcosm of life. Change is always scary; why go towards the unknown when you are comfortable with what you have? But it is necessary. Lowry has done everything he could for this city and now wants to return to his home and join the Eastern Conference-leading 76’ers. That shouldn’t be scorned, it should be encouraged. We should want Lowry — who is expected to be in the hall of fame with a Raptors jersey beside him — to be able to ride off into the sunset. At 34 he is trying to cement his legacy, and we as fans should encourage that.

Life doesn’t get better simply by waiting around, whether a basketball player hoping to get one more ring before their career ends or a college student trying to figure out what happens after graduation. The key is to take what life offers and make the best of it. See change as it is,. an inevitable part of life. Say thank you to Kyle Lowry and let him go home. The beautiful thing about sports, and life, is something new will always come along to be passionate about. You just have to take the leap.