Editorial: Trudeau’s budget boogie

by | Oct 23, 2015 | Editorial, Opinion

The economy is the lifeblood of the country and the government budget represents what is being done to keep this river flowing.

Economics is not a simple idea to understand however it can be simplified. When people are happy and feel safe financially they spend their money and the economy grows.

But for this to happen people need to have money to spend.

We want Canadians to understand that there is money in this country and we are capable of stimulating our economy with that money.

It is not immediately obvious that Canada is a rich country. There are many young people in the country who do not see their own personal wealth or potential wealth.

This wealth is real. Canadians have more potential to have a strong economy than most other people in the world. What is holding us back?

Canada is full of valuable, important resources like fresh water, oil and minerals.

There is some level of resistance to the use of these resources. Canadians are often proud of the natural state of their country and see it as a bountiful wilderness that should be preserved.

This should not be forgotten, however: in tough times we need innovation to progress further into the future and allow ourselves to have the financial resources we need to survive and live comfortable lives.

Prime Minister-elect Justin Trudeau believes that the budget will balance itself. This sounds like a ridiculous idea but what he is talking about seems to us to be a statement on market forces and their ability to balance out different fiscal elements in a society with proper government oversight during tough times.

Let us talk about some of the cash cows that exist in Trudeau’s political platform.

A big one is the scaling back of Canada’s military role. This will save millions of dollars as well as many lives. It will also reestablish Canada as a peacekeeping nation in global politics. There is going to be a little bit of balancing as Canada spends more on foreign aid, which may remove some of the financial benefits of this military goal.

However, there is still plenty of room to save money.

There will be a balance made with the income tax changes being made by the Liberal government. As middle-class earners are taxed less government tax revenue goes down but higher-earners are taxed more and this may balance out the loss of revenue.

The Liberal government wants to invest in education and help more students enroll in post-secondary institutions. This will, once again, stimulate the economy as well as increase the amount of high-experience, technical employees in the country. This will pave the way for innovation and also profits that can be shared by the entire economy.

Disclosing MPs expenses will create an incentive for MPs to spend less taxpayer money. This will only increase the amount of money that remains in the government’s hands to keep the budget balanced.

The legalization of marijuana will create a completely new legitimate market in Canada that is taxable and highly profitable. Also, humor aside, when people smoke weed they tend to want to spend money on things like food, drinks and movies. This could be a big unintended economic stimulus.

We want Canadians to understand that the economy is not always going to work the way they want it to. Sometimes it slows down as people lose faith and don’t spend as much or realize they don’t have as much money as they thought they did.

The Liberal government seems fundamentally committed to creating a situation where Canadians have more money to spend. This is an important part of their campaign. They want the Canadian middle-class to thrive so they can spend and enjoy their lives and help keep the economy moving.

This is very important. We want Canadians and Humber students to understand that the economy requires movement for it to exist. If there is no spending, there is no economy.

If Canadians have more money to spend and we spend it, then we become very attractive for foreign investment, which will only allow our economy to grow further.

And, if they don’t invest? They will be losing money. They are aware that Canada can thrive under a government that allows people to spend.

And when people spend, the market becomes more powerful. This is very attractive to business owners.

There are many reasons why the economy is not hopeless in Canada. The biggest one is the commitment of the Liberal government to provide Canadians with the freedom to spend their money.

When this happens, many things will change. People will feel better, businesses will thrive and the rest of the world will invest.