Electrician students hopeful to have VR in program

by | Nov 10, 2019 | Biz/Tech, Headlines

Nicholas Rahmon, Biz/Tech Reporter

Electrical Techniques faculty are deciding whether to implement Virtual Reality in their program by testing it at an open event held at Humber’s Carrier Drive campus.

“We came to demo VR and the mobile app for any and all electrician students,” said Dawn Marie Warren, the event organizer which ran from Monday to Wednesday.

“Our purpose for this event is to draw some feedback,” she said. “We need feedback from our students to see if they’ve valued this as a possible learning tool in their studies.”

Dawn Marie Warren, the event organizer, got lots of positive feedback from students on VR and the mobile app. (Nicholas Rahmon)

Although the event is a perfect opportunity for electrical students, the turnout wasn’t as expected. Electrician students hopeful to have VR in program Warren said their busiest times for the use of the VR headset was in the morning, where classes are coming down for the demonstration of fixing electrical equipment.

“The students wouldn’t be able to learn this in an apprenticeship, so this is an opportunity to expose students in a safe environment where they can learn skill sets before applying it in the field,” she said.

Carson Cerra, an Electrical Techniques student, wants VR in his program. (Nicholas Rahmon)

Carson Cerra, an Electrical Techniques student, is looking forward to the future of his program.

“It was a fun experience,” he said. Warren oversees a team called Extended Reality that works with industry experts consisting of three programming students and three 3D design students.

“I would love to see this team grow,” she said. “I would also love it if Humber, who’ve supported this effort since 2016, allow us to showcase this at other campuses since it’s a great learning opportunity.”

Samuel Bujold-Bouchard, a third-year Game Programming student and one of the programmers who helped showcase Humber’s use of VR technology, said virtual reality is becoming more adaptable.

“The future is now,” he said. “They’re coming out with more consumer-friendly technology… and with the new headsets, they don’t require a computer or base stations to detect movements, making it easier to use, something I’m looking for.”

The VR and Mobile App event served its purpose and could likely see virtual reality being implemented in their learning studies.