Endless tacos, hockey game transform centre

by | Oct 21, 2015 | Life

Sargon Jajjo
Life Reporter

The Toronto Maple Leafs didn’t deliver on their opening night, losing to the Montreal Canadiens, but for 150 Lakeshore campus students their student government did.

This was the second All You Can Eat event held by Humber Students’ Federation (HSF) at the Lakeshore campus, with last year’s event featuring wings.

Kori Ploughman, HSF programming coordinator, said the purpose of the event was to change the ambience of the building.

“We transformed the Student Centre to look and feel like a pub,” said Ploughman.

Plougman said although the food could have been served quicker to students, the majority of feedback from students was positive.

“We think the All You Can Eat events are a success,” said Ploughman. “There will be Massage on Wheels, and some distress events for the remainder of the year here at Lakeshore’s campus.”

Many of the attendees were excited about the aspect of being able to enjoy free tacos while watching the Leaf game on a projector.

Ben Enright, a first year student in Humber’s professional golf management course, says he’s a huge fan of the Maple Leafs and tacos.

“I’m definitely down to eat a lot of tacos tonight,” said Enright.

Greg Simpson, first year student at Humber, says HSF events are a great way to meet new people who share similar interests.

“It’s always good for the federation (HSF) to have events where people are going out and meeting new people,” said Simpson, “it brings people together.”

Oti Donkor, posting clerk for HSF, says the working goal for HSF is to get everyone together and have some fun while moving away from the stress school may bring to students.

“Have some fun and eat some great food,” said Donkor, “just to not be in the motion of school all the time.”

Daisy Zamarripa, second year student studying Public Relations, says she noticed a huge improvement in HSF events from last year with an increase in events.

“I love HSF events, I think the members are doing a really good job,” said Zamarripa. “Last year there weren’t a lot of events, and I wasn’t getting involved. This year they’re holding more events for us to have a chance to be involved.”

With more HSF events being held throughout the year almost on a weekly basis, students are being encouraged by HSF members to step out of their comfort zone and contribute to Humber’s campus community.