Entrepreneurs learn to pitch themselves

by | Nov 27, 2015 | Life

Sukh Toor
Life Reporter

Photographer Katie Fife wants to portray herself as a professional entrepreneur.

So does Carla Evans, 31, graduate of the digital photography program at George Brown College, who also owns a photo studio.

To do that, they attended Humber Launch’s Entrepreneurship 101 to build a better image of their businesses.

Humber Launch hosted its weekly workshop led by entrepreneur expert Kevin Smith at North campus on Nov. 4.

The focus of the workshop was the concept of value proposition, which is the method entrepreneurs use to pitch their product or skill.

Smith is the owner of My Story Architect, which is where he applies his experience in value propositioning. When working with clients or speaking with workshop participants Smith at all times asks, “what is it that your customer is lacking?”

As an entrepreneur, always clearly state what makes the product or skill different and better, said Smith.

“This was the best week,” said Fife, 27 and a graduate of York University’s Fine Arts program. The workshops earlier in the semester were introductory classes. “The other classes were too focused on product… I am selling a skill.”

Fife has committed to the full program after experiencing last week’s workshop.

The value proposition workshop is applicable to her business, said Evans. Similar to Fife, she found the earlier weeks weren’t as helpful for Evans’ photography business.

“Friends and family are a great method to spread the word for business,” she said. But entrepreneurship skills will brighten up the Carla J. Evans Photography image. She specializes in fashion, wedding and portrait photography.

Bram Cherun, the program assistant for Humber Launch who help  coordinate the weekly workshops, said the program serves as an introduction to step into the entrepreneurship field.

“The workshops will get more concept-focused as the program progresses,” he said.