Esports team wants to expand, attract new talent

by | Feb 19, 2020 | Feature, Sports

Nate Marksman, Sports Reporter

The Humber College Esports team officially changed how it spells the sport’s name and adopted a new logo.

The decision to make the change was because there was a typo the first time Esports was spelled when the club was established.

“The name before was spelled incorrectly as the spelling of the word Esports now follows normal conventions, being a standard noun,” said Humber Esports community coordinator Kevin Tang, explaining changes to the spelling were well overdue.

Esports coordinator Jacqueline Manor said it was a team effort to make the change.

She said she and the other coordinators, Tang and David McLoughlin, said when they decided to make the changes, they moved quickly.

Now that the club has gotten its spell check in order, Humber Esports will be looking to do more activities and events throughout the school year.

New teams and games are what help Esports thrive and expand its reach to the collegiate students across the country, Tang said.

Manor said she wants more students to get involved with the Esports.

“Any type of Esports team can be made, but it must be student supported with a proper coach and assistant coach role,” she said. “If it is a team born out of player passion, then it will have more impact and a dedicated roster.

“We are open to any type of teams that want to start. I would personally love to see a Tekken team,” Manor said.

Tang and Manor said the players of a majority of those teams are outstanding and are driven to compete on behalf of the college.

However, among all the teams, the Call of Duty squad has not lost a single match in the College Call of Duty League this season.

Also, players from the League of Legends team are noted to be on par with professionals who play in the League of Legends Championship series.

“We hope to dominate the collegiate scene and everyone looks to Humber as the example of how to run a collegiate program at their own schools,” Manor said.

Upcoming events involve the Super Smash Bros. team preparing for the Get on My Level tournament, the Shadowverse Open West conference and the Humber Esports club hosting an e-course at First Year Experience.