Etobicoke Horthy show expressive of emotion

by | Nov 29, 2013 | News

Trevon Marsh
North Etobicoke Reporter

Professional painter and musician Nandor Horthy will have numerous new paintings on display through Dec. 7 at Sherway Gardens in Etobicoke.

Horthy, born and raised in Hungary, immigrated to Canada in 1957 after the Hungarian Revolution. He studied art and music in his native country.

While living in Canada was a struggle in his earlier days, he worked as a musician at night and an artist during the day. Horthy was a successful saxophonist for more than 20 years and has been a successful painter for the past 40.

Although Horthy said he has a deep passion for both genres, art took over music as he began to focus more on what he refers to as “fine art” that mostly came from improvisation.

“Everything inspires me,” he said. “I was a jazz musician, an improviser. I find so much similarity in jazz and painting…Give me three colours and I’ll create hundreds of shades of beautiful colours and improvise a painting. My life is improvisation.”

Landscape painting is the vital element in Horthy’s recent work. Horthy said he has a love for nature and wants to display it to the world through his eyes. He refers to himself as a self-educated painter.

“I took some courses but always ended up quitting. I became an artist on my own by learning a lot from my wife.”

Horthy said today’s youth can use art as an outlet to express emotions and tell their story.

Humber College L Space Gallery curator, Ashley Watson, said she agrees that art is important for today’s youth because it’s a matter of expression.

“The arts, no matter what it may be, is a way to express yourself and as a youth this is important,” she said. “Being able to engage with the arts as a student allows you to access creativity on many levels and helps you learn about yourself and the world around you.”

Etobicoke residents are urged to support the works of Horthy because of the elegance he brings to his creations.

“Art is a way I can best express myself,” said local sketch artist Franz Peralta. “I feel it’s important for the younger generations to explore art because they are the future.

“By doing so, not only will the world evolve but they will also learn to appreciate the greats who came before them.”