Exfoliating and moisturizing are key for surviving the winter

by | Feb 13, 2020 | Life

Akanksha Lamba, Senior Reporter

Tiffany Christopher, 26, a makeup artist and a first-year Fashion Arts and Business student at Humber North campus, suggests students should always moisturize before applying makeup in the winter.

During winter, the skin can build up dry patches on the surface and need exfoliation which can be used with a good moisturizer, according to Women’s Day.

“For winter you should make sure that the skin is always moisturized because of the wind and the cold, it can make your skin brutal and flaky,” Christopher said.

Christopher recommends drinking a lot of water and washing the face in the morning with a mild cleanser.

“A moisturizing cream, moisturizing serum and moisturizing mask should be used twice a day,” she said. “Afterwards, using rose mist after your makeup will help it with plumpness.”

Humber Esthetician and Spa program manager Gillian Kenny suggests an oil-based cleanser in the morning as it can help to replenish the natural oils of the skin.

“Students should do a double cleanse and then use a toner before applying makeup,” Kenny said. “An antioxidant or a hydrating serum can be used too.”

Kenny suggests using a tinted SPF, which can be similar to a BB cream as a base before applying makeup.

“There is no need for foundation if you have a good base. Applying blush and highlighter can be enough,” she said.

Changing the diet can help the skin in this season too. Vogue suggests increasing the daily intake of fats and eating a diet that contains walnuts and olive oils.

Kenny recommends vitamin C serums and hydrating serums for under the eye during this season.

“Biolumin C eye serums can help with the puffiness and can help brighten under the eye,” she said.

Monica Grasmann, who works at the Humber Spa as an operations assistant, said how changing the skincare routine in the winter is important.

“In the winter, people can experience transepidermal water loss which is dehydration in the skin and you also have an exposed lipid barrier,” Grasmann said.

The lipid barrier is the protective layer on the skin that can sometimes be damaged due to harsh weather conditions like wind and snow, according to Grasmann.

“Introducing yourself to hyaluronic acid serum is important as it can help replenish the water loss,” she said.

Grasmann recommends using water-based serums and humectant based serum as it helps to bind the moisture from the air into the skin.

There are many organic and natural ingredients that can help the skin but they wouldn’t target the specific areas as the creams would, Kenny said.

“If you take care of your skin, you won’t need any makeup,” she said.