Exhibiting first-year students

by | Mar 14, 2014 | A&E

Kate Richards
A&E Reporter

The University of Guelph-Humber Art Gallery is embracing the crème de la crème of the first-year Visual and Digital Arts (VADA) students.

The student exhibition, Embracing the Elite, will run from March 18 to April 4, with a reception March 20 at 6:30 p.m. The gallery will showcase about 40 art pieces from first-year VADA students in a diverse range of mediums.

The work will be work from classes such as art history, drawing, painting and life drawing. It will also include collaborative projects, and projects that focus on social issues, said Noni Kaur, professor and program coordinator of VADA.

“I think it will be quite an eye opener,” she said.

According to Kaur, Embracing the Elite gives first-year students the opportunity to get a head start and see what it feels like to have their work showcased in an art exhibition.

Embracing the Elite is also giving students in the Guelph-Humber’s Bachelor of Business Administration program an opportunity to hone their skills.

Haley Bennett, 21, is in her third year of Guelph-Humber’s Honours BBA program, and along with seven other students in her event management class, has taken on the responsibility of planning the Embracing the Elite exhibition.

“We’re business students. We’re so used to doing paperwork assignments. We don’t really have the opportunity to do something realistic like this. It’s nerve-wracking,” said Bennett.

An event like Embracing the Elite will shine light on what awaits the students involved once they’ve graduated, she said.

“We really want to showcase their art. This may be the first of many art shows to come for them and we want it to be a good thing for them to remember,” said Bennett.

Brianne Whinfield, 19, and Colin Frings, 18, are two first-year VADA elites whose work will be showcased in the exhibition. Embracing the Elite will be the first time their work has graced the walls of an art gallery.

Their collaborative project, which has yet to be titled, is a project they worked on for their art history class. Frings, Whinfield and two other students in the class worked together to create a mixed media piece about oil and its effects on the world, said Frings.

Each group member took turns adding pieces to a wooden canvas. The piece was finalized when they all came together to add the finishing touches.While one group member used ink and paint, Whinfield’s contribution to the piece was a little different.

“We each researched our own ideas of what we wanted to see with oil,” said Whinfield. “I ended up working with maps and plotting points where oil spills had happened through transportation.”

The outcome is a collage and includes mediums such as gesso, acrylic paint, photo transfer and ink.

This collaboration will be showcased at Embracing the Elite.

Regular gallery hours for Embracing the Elite are Monday to Friday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m at the University of Guelph-Humber Art Gallery.