Extreme weather displaces students in residence

by | Jan 28, 2019 | Campus News, News, North

Rachael Taylor, News Reporter

Two pipe bursts last week resulted in at least 14 students being displaced in residence.

Andrew Leopold, head of communications, said weather and negligence is to blame for the bursts.

“What caused the pipes to break was weather related,” Leopold said. “In at least one of the cases, one of the residents had been away, or at least not been in the room, their window was open and their heat was off and that would lead to the pipes getting cold and freezing.”

That caused eight students in R Building to be displaced.

In the second incident in S Building stemmed from the sprinkler room. An entire hallway was damaged, and at least eight people were displaced.

A glimpse of the damage caused by a burst pipe on the first floor of S Building’s sprinkler room. (Austin Spearman)

Eitan Garazi, a first-year sport management student, was one of the students affected by the S building flood.

“We all slept in our rooms that night because it was already so late, like 3 a.m.,” he said. “In the morning they called everyone to notify that we’d all be moved rooms so they can work on the rooms to avoid any molding.

“Everyone was super friendly about the whole situation,” Garazi said. “They also gave us compensation for laundry cards and we will fill out a form later on about other things that were damaged.”

Students who were unable to enter their rooms were given several housing options including another room at Humber North campus, or a room at Lakeshore campus.

Many students who could not get a room at Humber North opted to crash on their friends’ couches instead to avoid a long commute.

Lucian Lozon, a first year radio broadcasting student, took this option.

“I talked to my Resident Life Coordinator and asked where am I going to be going. They were going to put me in Lakeshore Campus and they would cover the taxi fare. I’m not trying to do that because I have classes at 8 a.m.,” he said.

Students were told it could take up to a week before they could go back into their rooms.