F building addition hosts bioscience, cadaver labs

by | Feb 11, 2016 | Biz/Tech, Campus News

New Health Science labs got two added floors at F-Building. (Marlee Greig)

New labs in F-Building will benefit bioscience, pharmacy and funeral services students.(Marlee Greig)

Matthew Owczarz

New one-of-a-kind labs and state-of-the-art technologies are hoped to bring innovation to Humber School of Health Sciences learning capabilities as part of Humber’s North campus F building expansion.

Two floors have been added atop the existing F building at the college.

Students in the School of Health Sciences gained access to the labs for the first time in September after the labs were opened last April, said Biotechnology program coordinator Dr. Mojgan Rezvani.

New bioscience, pharmacy, funeral services and anatomy labs are now operational and play a significant part in students’ curriculums. Even biotechnology, a new diploma program offered at Humber received a new lab, said Rezvani.

Laboratories were built with functionality in mind so movable tables, hands-free sinks and drop-down electrical outlets will allow students faster movement around lab space.

Interactive screens, three-dimensional anatomical models and high-tech microscopes will exponentially increase learning, said Dr. Ronald Stewart, the Bioscience program coordinator.

Students will also be taught about their own bodies with the aid of professionally dissected human cadavers and body specimens, said Stewart.

“We are the only publicly-funded college with cadaver labs,” he said. “There are very few schools of anatomy within Ontario overall.

“Most of them are large universities like the University of Toronto, McMaster, Western, Waterloo, Queen’s, and then there is Humber. So we are part of that small family of big universities,” said Stewart.

“We put significant effort into teaching and learning anatomy and physiology so that in the end they have a really good foundation of knowledge,” he said.

“There’s no question when you complete your diploma or degree here, you’re going to learn your anatomy and physiology.”