Fall by-election triggered by spring controversy

by | Sep 29, 2014 | Federal Election, News

By Natalia Vega
HSF Reporter

The events that occurred in last year’s elections and at the board of directors meeting left some unpleasant memories for former Humber Students’ Federation President Tim Brilhante.

He alleges HSF removed him from office last year to prevent him from running in this year’s by-election.

“Upper management influenced enough board support claiming that I wasn’t performing my duties as president and hadn’t been for quite some time. But if that were true, why wait until the end of our final board meeting? It just doesn’t add up,” Brilhante said.

At the April board of directors meeting, Board Chairperson Eric Collings listed a number of grievances as grounds for Brilhante’s termination including using his position on the board to bring up his disqualification from the election at the last board meeting, contacting Humber staff about the disqualification, calling into question Rosa Figueroa’s position as Chairperson at the last board meeting, which Collings called a personal attack, and a Facebook post Brilhante wrote, in which he told students to skip class if they had to, in order to attend the Annual General Meeting.

At that same meeting, Brilhante said he would consider taking legal action if he was removed from office. When asked about it on Sept. 23, he said “no comment.”

This year’s by-election is what students wanted and voted for at last year’s Annual General Meeting, Brilhante said.

“At the end of the day it’s the Humber Students’ Federation for a reason,” he said.

Brilhante’s ejection from the presidency prevented him from running in the by-election this year, with voting for HSF president and two board members commencing today. But while that ban is lifted for next year’s elections, he has set a different goal.

“A lot of my friends would tell me to run but I’m here as a student first,” he said. “I’ve enjoyed my summer, it was fantastic. Now I’m here at Guelph-Humber and I’m just really looking to complete my studies, earning a degree in the Bachelor of Business Administration program. I think my experience here has been phenomenal. I love the respect and support from all the students,” said Brilhante.