Fall reading week under discussion but still unsure

by | Nov 20, 2015 | Life

Danielle Furtado
Life Reporter

The beginning of a school year can be intimidating and stressful, so having a reading week in the first semester of school would be extremely helpful, many Humber College students say.

“I find that all the assignments around midterm time catches up and piles up quickly on a lot of students,” said Leah Krajnjan, 20, an Early Childhood Education student. “This can make students really stressed and possibly make them do worse because they don’t have that break to catch our breath and organize.”

Humber currently has one annual reading week which falls during second semester in February. Toronto schools such as Sheridan College and George Brown College and Ryerson University provide a reading week in both semesters.

“I also think that if a couple of schools have a fall reading week, all universities and colleges should have one,” said Krajnjan.

A main reason why Humber has not yet set out a fall reading week is that part-time teachers will not be paid for the week that is missed.

“A consequence of losing a week will be that part-time teachers will not get paid for the 15 weeks of school,” said First Vice President of the Humber Faculty Union Paul Michaud. “Students would also be losing a week of school, which means the weeks will be pushed back.”

There are discussions between the college and the union about a reading week during first semester of the school year, said Michaud.

“Students do deserve a reading week and hopefully there will be one added in the future. It would be nice to have a break and be able to catch up on work. It would also be good to just take a week off and relax a bit,” said Brittani Cowell, 21, a Humber Students’ Federation director.

Cowell added that she knows talk of adding such a week is underway but the outcome is still unsure. “I can’t guarantee it.”