Fanshawe narrowly defeats Hawks women’s volleyball

by | Feb 8, 2019 | Sports, Varsity

Pirasanth Gunasekaram, Sports Reporter

LONDON, Ont. ––– The Humber Hawks women’s volleyball team came up short as the Fanshawe Falcons defeated them in a 3-2 sets game Feb. 2.

The Hawks were looking to improve their four-game winning streak while the Falcons were looking to bolster their 15-0 record.

But just as important, with a win, Humber would’ve been the first team this season to beat the Falcons.

Falcons coach Sean Pellow said even though they won their game against the Hawks earlier in this season, he didn’t think it’s was advantage in this game.

“No, I don’t think so because it was a tight match and I think this time Humber will be prepared for this game,” Pellow said.

The first set was tough for the Hawks. They struggled to gain any momentum as the Falcons started strong with an 11-1 lead. And Fanshawe maintained its momentum in the first set, dropping the Hawks in the first set 25-9.

Both teams struggled for the lead during the opening half of the second set, as each team scored points. Then the tide changed as the Hawks gained momentum, as they took a three-point lead and the second set at 25-21.

Setter Alex Bartman has the ball coming towards her as she tried to send the ball to the other side. (Pirasanth Gunasekaram)

Fanshawe got the early lead at the start of the third set. They went on a 10 point serving run. After taking a timeout, Humber quickly came back against Fanshawe.

The Falcons took a timeout hoping to stop the Hawks onslaught when the visitors led 22-18. After a close back and forth, Humber took a 2-1 sets lead with a 25-19 score.

Fanshawe established the tone of the fourth set by beginning with a five-point serving run. The Hawks fell short as the final score of the fourth set was 25-19, tying the game is tied 2-2.

Middle blocker Rossella Falcomer prepares to return the ball to her Fanshawe Falcons opponents. (Pirasanth Gunasekaram)

The Hawks did not start strong in the fifth set, as they put three serves into the net and gave Fanshawe a 6-3 lead. Humber dropped the fifth set 15-9, giving Fanshawe won the game 3-2 in sets.

Hawks coach Chris Wilkins said the team played well despite losing the game.

“I was pleased, that was a really good team on the other side of the court and we pushed them to their limit,” he said.

Hawks captain Kyla Wilkins, who finished the game with 15 digs, said they played one of best games they played this season despite the loss.

“It was probably one of the best game we played this season, for sure one of the most fun to play,” Kyla said.

The Hawks have two games left this season. Humber hosts the Niagara Knights on Feb. 6 and they will be on the road again facing the Mowak Mountaineers on Feb. 9 in their last game of the 2018-19 season.