Film and media studies short film screening

by | Apr 21, 2017 | A&E

Bhakti Parikh
News Reporter

Final year Humber students of the Film and Media Production bachelor program screened eight of their short films at the Hot Doc Ted Rogers Cinema yesterday.

The evening was filled with drama, romance, humor, action and documentaries as the students featured various genres through their films.

“It’s a great range of films, they range from very personal stories to very absurd and broad comedy to really nice character studies,” said Jeffrey Berman, Film and Media Production professor at Humber.

The graduating students showcased their independent projects with their friends, family and college faculty while the third-year students volunteered at the event.

“I really wanted to see all the hard work that the fourth years have done, they have been working on the thesis for an entire year” said Andrew Nguyen, a second-year student working the event.

He also mentioned the importance of the event for other film and media students.

“It’s a great way to make connections, screenings, help us to meet people from the industry. It’s about recognizing the passion that goes into all the films,” said Nguyen.

The films have been in the works since last year, when each student submitted a script for an independent project.

“In third year we pitched ideas and then only six films are chosen to be made, then we spend our last year shooting those films,” said Daniella Emanuele, a final year student and part of the organizing team.

“After the whole process of selecting which movies are to be made, and the making of the films, for me, it’s extremely exciting to see the final product,” said Berman.

Everything is handled and operated by the students, from directors, technicians to camera operators, but when it comes to acting in the films, the students use help from professionals.

“We have an agreement with the ACTRA union and a website called Casting Workbook, they help us find actors and they work in our films for free. This gives the films a professional touch,” said Emanuele