Film nights a First Year Experience favourite

by | Mar 24, 2017 | A&E

Samantha Berdini
News Reporter

Humber’s First Year Experience invited North and Guelph-Humber students to their Short Film Festival on Wednesday.

Guests made their way down a red carpet where student mentors and volunteers greeted them with free pizza and popcorn.

Students were asked to sign up for the event before entering the Lecture Theatre to watch a variety of short films.

“This is an opportunity to showcase films with powerful messages, but more importantly to show first year students all that Humber has to offer,” said Mohammed Hasan, a FYE Senior Peer Mentor.

Hasan said FYE understands that studies come first, but it’s important that students experience a more holistic approach to education. Movie nights and other themed events are  ways for students to relax and have fun.

“Students transitioning from high school to college encounter stressful situations all the time,” said Tanisha Douglas, another FYE senior peer mentor. “They are trying to balance school and make new friends, so we just want to help them get involved and have a good time.”

Movie themed events are a favourite among FYE members. Although this is the first Short Film Festival, movie nights usually attract over 50 guests.

“We believe in quality over quantity,” said Hasan. “A minimal number of people who are engaged and walk away feeling fulfilled is a much more rewarding feeling than 1,000 people walking away with nothing.”

Matthew Santos and Connor Jones are two first year Film students who attended the event and were able to watch their own short film on the big screen.

The two friends created a five-minute film for their Visual Storytelling class about a DJ from a small town in Ottawa, who is now a Web Design student here at Humber. Their film landed in the hands of an FYE Peer Mentor, and they were encouraged to submit it for the Short Film Festival.

“This is the first FYE event we’ve been to, but it’s definitely a good idea,” said Jones. “It’s much easier to meet people and make connections when I’m not confined to my classroom. For us, connections are so important in the film industry.”

“Movies are a universal language,” said Hasan. Viewing requires “very little commitment and effort, and there’s nothing quite like getting together with friends and enjoying a good film.”

Humber students are encouraged to volunteer for FYE events even as the academic year comes to an end.

“I was a peer mentor last year, and after attending events I was able to connect with so many different people,” said Douglas. “The Humber FYE community has become a home away from home.”

“We always get a mix of go getters and first year students who are more hesitant to get involved,” said Hasan. “Our aim is to break people out of their shells and be the compass for those who need direction.”

“We also have a Kung Foo Panda movie night coming up. If you want to get your Panda on, it’s a great way to meet people,” said Hasan.