Final days with at the Humber Et Cetera | Jessica Andrade

by | Apr 28, 2014 | Editorial













By Jessica Andrade

CICE Intern

This week is my last week at the Humber Et Cetera. I have had a good experience these past two months, helping with clippings, writing stories and taking photos. I’ve worked hard, and made lots of progress.

It’s also been fun, and I was very happy working there, but now I’m looking forward to working outside of the college. I may work at the mall or in the daycare at Humber. Working at the Humber Et Cetera has been amazing, but I’m also excited to be able to go home early and hang out with friends.

I’m going to come back in May to help out with orientation and talk to new students.  Even though I don’t have to write for the Et Cetera anymore, I can still write stories on my computer at home. I had fun writing for the Et Cetera, helping take photos of the new water fountains and bank machines around the school. But it’s time to start something new.

My birthday is on July 23, and I will be turning 22. I can’t wait to celebrate with my family and friends from Humber College. I hope the experiences I have in the future are as good as the ones I had at Humber.