Final year films screen at TIFF Bell Lightbox

by | Apr 17, 2014 | A&E

Kate Richards
A&E Reporter

Final year Film and Television Production (FMTV) students are gearing up to showcase their thesis productions at the TIFF Bell Lightbox tomorrow evening.

The screening will showcase nine short films as well as commercials.

For many FMTV students, this will be their first viewing of the short films they’ve been working on all year.

The students who take on post-production roles are the ones who tend to see the film nearest to completion, explained Kari-Lyn Gravel, 25, student publicist, final year FMTV student and producer of the love story Something Like This.

“I’m excited to see where the films have gone since we watched them a few months ago in class,” said Sean Perkins, 22, a final year FMTV student.

“Plus the experience of seeing your work on the screen and at TIFF, that is very exciting,” he said. Perkins was a camera operator and assistant picture editor for the comedy short, The Bear Man.

The third and final year of the FMTV program allows students to choose the specific area of film production they are most passionate about.

“Since I realized I love production design (in second year) I’ve had the opportunity to just do that,” said Samantha Beam, 21, a final year FMTV student.

“I really haven’t done much more outside the art department and I absolutely love that about this program,” said Beam, the production designer for the comedy Sitting Shiva.

After graduation, Beam is moving to Fonthill, Ont., south of St. Catharine’s, from Muskoka to work and hopes to start production on a few short films. The connections she’s made with her peers in the program has provided an advantage when it comes to starting independent productions after the support of Humber’s equipment and resources becomes unavailable.

“I have been really lucky because a lot of people have asked me to work on other projects after school,” she said. “It’s been really great.”

Gravel said her class of peers acted as her second family. A family oriented person, she thought the three years away from her “real” family would be difficult.

For her commercial production, she was ecstatic to be able to promote her mother’s small business, Fruitiful Bouquets.

“Our film family is like a family,” said Gravel.

“It was nice to bring (together) my two (families) because they both mean a lot to me. It was bringing together my real family with my new family,” she said.

The screening at TIFF Bell Lightbox is completely sold out, a reassuring finale to a productive three years.