First Year Experience welcomes new students to Humber

by | Jan 22, 2019 | Campus News, News, North

Ashley Radcliffe News Reporter

The winter semester has begun and the first year students are rolling in.

 Humber’s first-year students gathered Jan. 17 to speak about the necessities needed to succeed as a student at the North campus.

Among the events the Humber First Year Experience (FYE) program host their first workshop of the semester welcomed all the newcomers to the North campus.

This three-part workshop consisted of a presentation led by a Humber FYE mentor, a free lunch, and awarding of prizes to students for their participation.

First Year Experience Mentor Zamin Mohsin promotes the upcoming diversity event. (Ashley Radcliffe)

Humber First Year Experience mentors hosted a College 101 workshop for all of this semesters first-year students.

The mentors shared information such as how to properly read a timetable, keeping communication with teachers, and the benefits of getting involved in Humber’s extra-curricular activities.

Mentor Zamin Mohsin led a workshop with the intention to educate, inform, and enlighten the new students on campus.

“This workshop is to get the students out and learn something,” he said.

“They may not be familiar with the Humber terminology, or the sites used for their classrooms such as Blackboard or,” Moshin said.

He said the purpose of the College 101 workshop is to get new students familiar with the things they will be using throughout the semester.

First Year Business Management student David James signs in for the College 101 workshop. (Ashley Radcliffe)

This workshop offered an opportunity to mingle with fellow first-year students and gave students the opportunity to ask all the questions they had before diving into the semester.

Business Management student David James attended the workshop, as a curious student who had many questions to be answered.

“I’m excited to be starting my journey at Humber College, but one of my biggest concerns was time management when it comes to my studies and work,” James said. “This is why I thought it would be important to ask Zamin about how to find jobs on campus.”

First Year Experience Mentor Zamin Mohsin leads the College 101 workshop. (Ashley Radcliffe)

Moshin said students should apply for jobs on campus. There are many positions available on campus with flexible schedules.

First-year students are urged to attend workshops, so they can build on their co-curricular record. A co-curricular record will show employers the skill development outside of the classroom, and can be added to a student’s resume.

First Year Experience mentors are preparing for an upcoming Diversity Workshop.