First-year students get Tropical Escape

by | Apr 8, 2015 | News

Christiana Chan
News Reporter

The first year of college can be a difficult time. New people and heavy course loads can be scary in the big city.

Humber College has a program to help first-year students feel more at ease with such big changes.

“We try and help students socially integrate, but we also try and tie in academic pieces to make them successful too,” said Rebeca Mahadeo, the First Year Experience program coordinator at Humber’s North campus.

The FYE program is designed to help connect students with peer mentors who give help to first-years who are struggling academically.

The program also hosts social events to help bring students of all years together.

FYE held a Tropical Escape party last week in the President’s Boardroom on North campus.

The event had everything from snacks and limbo to a photo booth and live drummers. The Tropical Escape party is one of the many events that FYE organizes during the school year.

The program is good for Humber because the transition period is hard for college students, whether or not students are coming straight from high school or if they took a year off, said Mahadeo.

It was a different transition from working to going to college, said Katherine Clarmo, a first-year student at Humber.

“We help ease the transition by letting students know that they can do it and we can help you through it and we are here for you,” said Mahaedo.

Humber is always accepting applicants who are interested in becoming a peer mentor.

“It’s a great opportunity, it’s a lot of fun and you get to meet lots of people,” said Marina Alves, the senior peer mentor at Humber.