Arboretum building garden to teach students about urban agriculture

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Life

Ross Lopes
Life Reporter

Humber’s Arboretum is building a Food Learning Garden that will give students a space to learn about urban agriculture.

Arboretum Director Alexandra Link said she thought of the concept about a year ago to provide students with a place where they can learn how to grow healthy local food in a sustainable way.

“It will be a learning space for students to come with their classes to learn about food and urban agriculture,” she said. “It has a dual need for Humber students but also for the community to learn about it.”

The garden will help students develop and become educated about food security and growth, Director of Health and Wellness Matias Golob said.

“A lot of our student population are youth, and they are also interested in being exposed to food,” he said.

Golob introduced a healthy child and youth development program to Humber to provide opportunities for children and youth to develop skills for the challenges in life, such as food.

“This is an area where [youth] get exposed to growing food [and] learning about the environmental concerns, [while] understanding the relationship to everything in the world, including the things they eat,” he said.

Golob said the garden will also help students learn about physical literacy and how to move the body and engage in maintaining fitness levels and a good healthy weight.

“When they are out growing in the garden, they are moving and doing,” he said.

The garden is a learning area for Humber students not only to engage in local agriculture but to connect them to the local community as well, Link said.

“We have so much knowledge to share and so many resources [where we can] help support the local community,” she said.

Her other vision for the garden is that it will connect students to the community through the donation of any extra produce to a food bank or a community organization.