Beatriz Balderrama Baleeiro, Biz/Tech Reporter

Every fall and spring, the Humber Gives initiative brings a fleet of food trucks to the school’s parking lots to raise money toward scholarships for students in need.

Antonio Folino, event coordinator for the School of Hospitality and Tourism, said the food trucks, which visited Lakeshore campus Oct. 3 and North campus the following day, don’t pay a big fee to attend Humber’s festival compared to other places.

“Some students, they need a little bit of help to pay off for their tuition. So that’s why we do it. It’s just a benefit for the students,” he said. 

“When you organize a food truck event in the city of Toronto, they charge anywhere between $1,000 to $2,000, and then that money just goes into someone’s pocket,” Folino said. “But when we do it it’s not going into anyone’s pocket, it’s going toward the students.”

The menu included a variety of food options from different cuisines like Jamaican, Himalayan, Brazilian and Canadian.

Daniela Castro and Fernando Davila own the food truck Espeto Brazil, and want to come back next season to help Humber raise more scholarships. (Beatriz Balderrama Baleeiro)

“It was the second time we were at the Humber College Food Truck Festival and we had an amazing time,” said Daniela Castro from the Brazilian food truck Espeto Brazil.

“The opportunity to bring Brazilian food to the students was amazing,” she said. “We were grateful to see that they are open to try food from different cultures and to have them coming back to say how good it was made the event even better, especially when they put it together to raise fund for tuition.”

Despite the cold and windy weather at North campus, the festival showed a great response from students who came out to eat some good food that is not always available on campus. 

Omari Anderson, a Culinary Management student, said his dream is to have his own mix fusion food truck. (Beatriz Balderrama Baleeiro)

“The only thing that just never works out for us is the weather. It never wants to agree with us. It’s always cold or cloudy,” Folino said.

Even with the weather conditions, he said the trucks have been showing up for the last five years. 

Folino also wanted to see people outside of the Humber community involved, particularly students and teachers from Father John Redmond Catholic Secondary School, next door to Lakeshore campus.

The next food truck festival takes place in the spring.