Free breakfast runs out in record time

by | Jan 24, 2014 | Life

HSF offers free breakfast for students once a month.

On Jan. 21, Humber North students started their day with the most important meal of the day, provided by Humber Students’ Federation for free at the Student Centre.

Once a month, HSF serves up a free breakfast to Humber students. The recent menu included McDonald’s breakfast sandwich, hash browns, muffins and coffee.

“It’s nice for Humber to give the students what they like,” said first-year event planning student Jennifer De Moura. Along with her classmates, De Moura, and a record number of other students waited patiently in line.

According to Kay Tracey, HSF vice president of student affairs, demand for the free breakfast was so high that the food ran out within 10 minutes.

Elaine Leufkens, a nutritionist consultant at Harmony Health & Well Being in
Oshawa, stressed the importance of eating breakfast everyday, and said that eating a healthy breakfast helps feed your brain and prevents fatigue.

Leufkens said students often have difficulty organizing healthy meals due to time restrictions, adding healthy snacking is better than missing a meal. She also said healthy breakfast ideas include fresh fruit and non pre-packaged oatmeal with rolled oats, which is filled with fibre.

She also mentioned adding to cereal some chia seeds, which she called labeled a “super food,” and an effective way to add extra protein, omega and fibre to breakfast.

“Cereals are a great start to a busy day, however watch the serving size. Two things to watch for in the nutrition box on cereal is the amount of sugar and the amount of fibre. Four grams of sugar is equal to one teaspoon,” said Leufkens.

“It’s easy to fall into a cycle of eating the same breakfast day after day,” said Miranda Malisani, a nutritionist featured on CTV’s The Marilyn Denis Show.

She said one of the easiest ways to ensure a variety of nutrients is to rotate a few easy breakfasts during the week, suggesting two-minute breakfasts such as her “pumped-up parfait.” The early meal includes yogurt, fresh berries and whole grain flakes.

Lindsay Zaferis, programming director for HSF events, said the next free breakfast will be on Feb. 3, and a final free breakfast will be held on Apr. 10 during exams.