Free wings night brings on appreciative student lineups

by | Apr 8, 2015 | News

Christy Farr
Lakeshore/Orangeville/Carrier Drive Reporter

Students at Lakeshore campus shivered while waiting in line to be treated to free wings on Monday at the Humber College Student Centre.

Students chanted “We want wings!” to keep warm and to distract them from the long wait while security checked bags and I.D.s at the front door for the 19-plus event.

The building had been turned into a fully functioning pub and restaurant with tables while large projection screens aired a Raptors’ game.

Second-year Package Design student, Josh Willemsen, said he has never attended an HSF event before, but the free wings were too good to pass up.

“Makes me feel special, never heard of any other schools doing this,” he said.

Humber Students’ Federation Vice President of Student Life at Lakeshore campus, Dylan Rudder, said pub nights at Lakeshore campus have been done before but never offering free wings.

Low student turn out has been an issue for student life events at Lakeshore campus so Rudder came up with this first-time free wings pub night.

“Numbers wise and alcohol sales haven’t been the best so that’s why we added the wings,” he said.

The event was sold out within three days of offering tickets online which came even before HSF started promoting it, said Vice President of student life North campus Ahmed Tahir.

Two hundred tickets were sold out and 3,000 pounds of wings ordered, with more wings on call should there be a demand for it, said Tahir.

Restaurant chain Wacky Wings supplied the six flavours of wings for the event with LinX Lounge on staff to serve alcohol.

But it wasn’t a typical pub night with a dance floor and the dim lights but rather a relaxed place for students to come out and socialize.

“As vice president of student life I get to come up with crazy ideas. I like to personally with my friends go out to places like wacky wings, eat wings play pool,” Rudder said.

“I wanted to try to replicate that feel I get when I go out with my friends, trying to bring together a sense of community on campus,” he said.

The success of the event motivated Tahir to bring something similar to North campus next year.

“There’s a misconception that you need to have a dance floor, (but) students don’t always want that. Students are really enjoying it, watching the game, totally enjoying it. I think it’s something we will do again at North campus,” he said.

Second year, Public Relations student Josh McKnight appreciated the free dinner because as a college student he is on a budget.

“It’s fantastic, I think for college students it’s a good thought that they might want some free food,” said McKnight.