Get your flu shot at Humber

by | Nov 4, 2016 | Life

Sara Florez


With the winter and flu season approaching, Humber College provided a flu shot clinic where students were ready to endure the pain.

The Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre set up flu vaccination stations in the LRC building from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. ending today.

Many Humber students took advantage of the clinic on campus because it was accessible to them and one less thing to worry about.

Humber Early Childhood Education student Kerchel Colthirst says getting the flu shot every year is the reason why she hasn’t gotten sick.

“I walked into school this morning and saw the clinic since it wasn’t hard to miss,” she said. “I knew right away I should get vaccinated and get it over and done with since every year it’s helped me not get sick.”

Toronto Public Health says the flu virus is always changing which means a new vaccine is needed every year. About 50 per cent of the vaccines have been effective in healthy adults.

Humber law clerk student Doorkhanai Qudrat says some people think getting the flu shot is a waste of time, but not her.

“It’s so important to get the flu shot,” she said. Humber students and staff should view getting vaccinated as a community service.

“I don’t’ understand people who look at the flu shot as something bad, it’s the total opposite of that,” Qudrat said.


This time last year there was low influenza activity since the flu season is generally in the late fall and winter months according to Health Canada’s FluWatch, which reports that 16 flu outbreaks occurred so far this year.

Toronto Public Health recommends that not only should infants, pregnant women and the elderly should be getting the vaccination, but also people with a medical conditions and weak immune systems.

Hospital for Sick Children nurse Andreia D’Souza says often young adults, such as students, think it’s not necessarily important to get vaccinated.

“More than a handful of times I see kids getting the flu because their family members don’t consider getting vaccinated,” she said. “It’s frustrating to me because it’s mainly the younger generation and sometimes parents even in those families who put their siblings or kids at risk of getting the flu.”

Qudrat said if students are too scared or think they’ll be waiting too long to get their flu shot, they’re wrong.

“The whole process here at the campus clinic is really fast,” she said. “It took me less than 10 minutes, from signing up to getting the shot and it is not (painful) in my opinion.”