Global Lens shows Humber abroad

by | Nov 21, 2014 | News

Kelsey Coles
Residence Reporter

Humber Lakeshore campus L-Space Gallery celebrated International Education Week this week by hosting a visual demonstration titled Global Lens: Student Images from at Home and Abroad.

The Global Lens interactive exhibit magnifies students’ experiences on an international level. Rebecca Fitzgerald, Humber’s manager of international mobility, said she hopes the display opens the eyes of students to the international community at the college.

“We hope that visitors will gain a new appreciation of Humber’s global networks and the many different cultural perspectives present in our community.”

Dozens of photos taken by students adorn the walls of the gallery, some with a detailed caption posted beside them and some where the photo said it all.

“Gallery visitors are invited to contribute their journeys to a large-scale map, share their views on global citizenship and participate in creating a global tapestry.” Fitzgerald said.

The interactive exhibit showcases students’ experiences as they travel across the world and brings a global perspective to a personal level.

“Each year more than 300 Humber students go abroad for enriching study and work experiences around the world,” Fitzgerald said.

Fashion Management student Thu Ngo, an international student from Vietnam, enjoyed the hands-on aspect of the event and was busy creating a self-portrait patch to add to the global tapestry.

“It’s really interesting. It gives us space to create,” Ngo said. “I think this is the coolest exhibit they’ve had here so far.”

L Space Gallery curator Tara Mazurk believes the hands-on activities will help promote awareness in the international community.

“The idea is that the map and the tapestry will have a long life,” Mazurk said. “The International Centre wants to find a home for it (the tapestry) and the map. It’s nice to see what people create.”

While International Education Week ends today, the Global Lens exhibit will continue to Nov. 27.