Glow in Dark Yoga lightens up Humber students

by | Oct 17, 2014 | Life

Britnei Bilhete 

Life Reporter

Students at Humber’s Lakeshore campus let their inner yogi float free at glow-in-the-dark yoga on Oct. 14.

The Humber Students’ Federation (HSF) event, in collaboration with the Athletics department, was the first of its kind.

Child and youth care student Jenna MacCaull 21, is in her first round of midterms and took time out from studying to stretch.“It was a nice kind of de-stress,” she said.

Three one-hour sessions were offered in the L-Space Gallery, the visual arts showcase at Lakeshore campus.

“Previously there hasn’t been any events in the L-Space for HSF or anything else outside of what L-Space does,” said Lakeshore’s HSF Vice President of Student Life Dylan Rudder. “I thought it was a good opportunity… walking by in the summer time I thought, ‘this is a nice room.’”

Rudder then approached the curator of L-Space, Tara Mazurk, and the arrangements were made for glow-in-the-dark yoga.

“I was thinking I have never done yoga before and what would I do differently if I were to do yoga…and just incorporate some fun stuff like black light,” Rudder said.

Nathania Bron, Humber Recreation and Fitness coordinator, taught the first glowing yoga session. She’s been instructing hatha and vinyasa yoga classes at Humber for five years.

“I’ve never taught in a black light setting,” Bron said. But she said the cool lighting creates a better environment to practice in.

“Sometimes people go into (a)yoga practice very serious and I feel like there are those parts of yoga,” said Bron. “But you also have to have fun with our practice… this is kind of really elevating that for people.”

Ronit Schwabe, 27, heard about the event through a friend. She used to practice yoga up to five times a week, but because of her busy schedule it hasn’t been the same. “This is wonderful. It’s a really interesting twist on conventional yoga,” said the international development student.

“It promotes health in a fun way…we don’t have a lot of time to exercise and be healthy in our lives, so this is a way to incorporate that. And this is so accessible.”

Rudder said health-related events promoting wellness of all kinds will continue at Humber.